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from America to New Zealand

Days Off the Grid

January 18, 2014

Our time at Farewell Spit was very unique. Surrounded by glittering chilled seawater, scorched by the sun, blown about by gail force winds, and stung by sifting and wind tossed sands, we worked long days. We cored, used GPR and ERT, and took topographic data. Tanned and worn out, we spent our evenings cooking dinner and chatting with our flatmates, a team of researchers studying the Gannat colony at the end of the spit. We would trade stories late into the evenings until we grew tired of talking and dismissed ourselves to snag a little shut-eye or a glimpse of the lighthouse illuminating the starry sky. We were lucky enough to catch a full moon sparkling across the sand and sea while we were here, as well as experience whale and seal sightings.

Off we go!

January 12, 2014

Got up early, and are just packing for the road. Thanks for following us! Stay tuned for more!